Workshop in Hargeysa Somaliland

In January 2017, Swe-Golis and GOLIS with the help of Kenya Chemical Society (KCS) successfully held a workshop on ‘Chemical Safety, Security and Environment’ which targeted relevant stake holders in environmental matters in Hargeisa, Somaliland. This necessitated the need to hold a further workshop targeting policy makers and government officials. Through this workshop Swe-Golis ,GOLIS and KCS were able gain insights into:
The chemical safety and security systems in use in Somaliland, if any, of difference in chemical safety systems of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
The efficiency of and effectiveness of collection, handling and disposing of chemicals as well as the health and environmental risks involved in the process
The main challenges, gaps and opportunities to improve chemical safety in Somaliland.
Future Plans
Our future plan is to hold a workshop on ‘Environmental Health and Sustainability: Through Chemical Safety, Security and Waste Management’ that will target policy makers and government officials.The workshop aim is to achieve the following objectives:

Workshop Objectives:
To benchmark between existing gaps in environmental laws between Kenya , other developed countries and Somaliland, if any, and mechanisms of drafting and implementation process
To establish internal strategies in handling and disposing of hazardous wastes and chemicals as well as the health and environmental risks involved in the process disposal in Somaliland
To provide mechanisms available from Kenya perspective to address challenges, gaps and opportunities to improve Industrial waste management and chemical safety in Somaliland.
To establish areas of mutual interests for collaboration such as Responsible Care, Cleaner Production and Chemical Education and Outreach, and Chemical Weapons Convention and other relevant environmental International laws for the welfare of both Swe-Golis , KCS and GOLIS and respective governments.

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