Swedish -Somali Environment Organization.
Swedish-Somali Environment Organization, is known simply as Swe-Golis, was created to work towards combating desertification, soil erosion, tree destruction, chemical safety and minimizing poor waste management and its negative effects on the environment through tailored and focused advocacy and other initiatives. Swe-Golis conducts environmental awareness raising activities. In addition, the organization focuses on environmental education, advocacy and lobbying and the implementation of activities for mitigating the impact of the environmental degradation in Somaliland and the horn of Africa with the communities in target area. Land resource is the major resource base of the economic subsistence of pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities; hence Swe-Golis focuses on land resources. A group of committed environmentalist founded the organization in 1997. The compelling factors which led to the formation of the organizations were the appalling environmental degradation and threat to the Somaliland ecosystem and Chemical safety.
Swe-Golis with the help of Golis a non political organization “GOOSE” in Somaliland
is also engaged in awareness raising and advocacy activities to drive policy and legislation development in Somalia and the horn of Africa including the following; Chemical Safety and Security in handling and transportation of Chemicals, Chemical Waste management and disposal, Air Pollution Control, Responsible care and cleaner production, Chemical Biological, wastes management.

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