Face two of Swegolis project on sustainable development and the protection of the environment in co-operation with Golis. The project is Funded by Forum Syd. Starting date; 1 june 2016 – 31march 2017

Swegolis projekt

Activities for the media component of the project

on Sustainable development and the protection of the environment in

Somaliland implemented by Golis

1. Introduction

Golis will Enhance the community awareness and create environmental consciousness to

crucial part of the interventions aimed to improve the state of the environment

and its sustainable protection in targeted areas. With regard to the above fact, Golis Organization

for Saving the Environment will included several activities in its media component

of the 3 years project on the environment. These activities include media

campaigns such as targeted programs aired over the Radio, TV and articles in

Somaliland’s most popular websites namely Hadhwanaag and Oodweyne.

Specifically the originally planned media campaign activities during the current

project period are:

a. Presentations on current environmental issues over the weekly radio

Hargeisa program on the environment

b. Promoting and supporting of environmental clubs in schools for the

purpose of inculcating a sense of ownership and environmental

consciousness in the minds of children and the youth

c. Organize environmental programs such as debates on the TV

d. Showing “Gurmad Deegaan” (a documentary film on the environment

developed by Golis in 2013) in at least 5 rural communities and 5 schools

and initiate discussions with the video watchers on the environment after

the film ends.

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