video about the Environment in Somaliland

A video  film made by Golis Organisanation for Saving the Environment about the Environment degration in Somaliland

This Video Film is Made By Golis Organisation for Saving the Environment in Hargeisa, Somaliland and is one of the activities  that Golis has undertaken to raise the awareness of the people of Somaliland towards the Environment. The Video film was  watched by many people in all somali speaking areas through the tv stations, websites and you toube channels

This is a film  is made by Golis Organisation for saving the Environment and is about discussion of the environmental degradation in Somaliland. Those who are in the movie are those who are mostly responsible for protecting the environment. Many of them have wisely suggested the best ways to protect the environment in the future. They criticized the government for not doing much about the environment and for not having a very good political plan to work with those who are in charcoal commerce. They stated that when the government gives permission, they should train workers in charcoal commerce and teach them not do harm to the environment. They also talked about the creation of so many small villages that eventually will destroy the environment. Most of these villages have not even permanent residents.
This is a good film that advocates for the environment and shows the destruction and damage that the people of Somaliland are doing with their own environment, including even the nomads, who are totally dependent on the Environment


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