Environment weekly radio program



2. The Environmentalweekly Radio program of 14.11.2015

 This is a radio program, broadcasted through the Internet by Hadhwanaag internet home page, which raises the environmental awareness of the Somali language speaking population.
This program is a very interesting and is well listened by many thousands and thousands through the different geographical parts of the Somali speaking population.
Today the program concerns about planting trees and protecting the environment, as well as reminding the listeners that the Environment is the base of the livelihood  of living beings, as well as any kind of development.

Swe-golis and Golis in Hargeisa have a very good relationship with the broadcaster, Mr. Abdiasis Aidid Elmi, (Yami), and would like to encourage our customers, who view our homepage to listen his programs, which have a contributing influence to the listeners to safeguard of our Environment.

2. The weekly environmental program on 14.11.2015


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